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3 Things That All Newbie RV Drivers Need To Know

3 Things That All Newbie RV Drivers Need To Know

November 18, 2021

As a new RV driver, there are several things that you need to do and know before you get behind the wheel. The very first thing you should do when you buy an RV is read your RV warranty and get familiar with covered services. The next thing you should do is read the operator’s manual. Being prepared before you get behind the wheel is important.

RVing Is One of America’s Favorite Pastimes

According to RVIA, there are around 30 million people in the U.S. that either have or rent an RV for vacation. That’s a lot of RVers on the road. Keep in mind that all of them were newbies at one time or another and they all had to deal with a learning curve to operate their RV. You’re not alone!

Take it Easy

It is exciting to get behind the wheel of a new RV, but you want to make sure you are in a slow and steady frame of mind when you do. Most accidents in RVs are caused by driver error. Slow it down and take your time.

Make a Few Practice Runs

RVs are not as difficult to drive as you think, but they are not driving a car. Take a few spins around the block or do a couple of short trips before you plot your New York to Grand Canyon route. Taking a few short trips will build your confidence and help you get in some practice to build confidence.

Make a Check List

Before you get behind the wheel of your RV, check to make sure that all the RV warranty service is up to date. This is very important if you are buying a previously owned RV. You always want to be sure that you got your oil changes done and other maintenance and services done on time to ensure your RV warranty is never jeopardized.

Get Familiar With Your RV Specs

Have a clear understanding of your tank capacities, the height of the RV, and length. It is important that you know all the specifications of your RV. This information is necessary for making travel arrangements, picking routes, and knowing when you need to fill back up.

You will become an expert before you know it, in all things RV, from safe driving to what a good RV warranty looks like.

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