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Frequently Asked Questions About RV Extended Warranties

RV Repair Costs

RV warranties are technically only provided by RV manufacturers. These warranties typically last 12 months after the initial sale of an RV from a dealership. Extended service contracts offer continued peace of mind after factory warranties expire. RVs today are progressively getting more and more complex and with complexity comes repair. Did you know the average repair can cost $300 per hour that the vehicle is in service? That could quickly turn a vacation into a nightmare. Why not let your extended service contract cover the cost for you? It’s an excellent way to protect your investment for the future as well as add value to your RV at the same time. Service contracts through NoRepairCost.com are transferrable should you decide to sell your RV while it’s still covered!

Our list of available policies ranges from “Exclusionary” coverage (which means it covers all of the manufacturer’s original items) to “Stated” coverage also known as “comprehensive” coverage (This means almost everything is covered and will come with a short list of what is not.) We also offer full powertrain coverage. We have been in business for over 40 years and pride ourselves on offering clients with only top tier extended service contract products that are backed by a real dealer.

According to the statistics most RV’s will experience some sort of major breakdown by their eighth year. 30% of RV’s will experience breakdowns in only their second year. With labor costs at repair facilities averaging upwards of $300 an hour it makes sense to get an extended service contract ahead of time to protect your investment.

Absolutely. The service contract is transferable to the new owner for a small fee. Having an existing service contract can add a tremendous amount of value to your RV and help with the selling process. What prospecting potential RV owner isn’t going to want the added piece of mind that comes with a reliable high quality service contract?

Of course! RV extended warranty rates will cover all of the cost minus the deductible is covered during the repair process.

The Deductible is only charged once per visit to the repair facility and not per item needing to be repaired. It is not uncommon on RVs to have several items that need repair.

Yes. Please ask your sales representative about available financing options.

If you find yourself needing to use your extended service plan coverage for any reason, you are welcome to take it to any licensed repair facility in the U.S. or Canada. Have your facility diagnose the issue and reach out to us to pre-authorize repair for any of the required repairs. It is important to be aware that this pre-authorization is required to have the claim covered by your service contract. Once the repair is complete, pick up your RV with a smile, knowing you didn’t have to come out of pocket any more than your deductible. Let us pick up the tab!

Unless you purchase an optional maintenance service contract in addition to your extended service contract, routine maintenance is not included. Routine maintenance is required to stay compliant with your service contract, and we always recommend logging the maintenance as you perform it. This will also help if the day ever comes when want to sell your RV.

You should always ask questions if you have them. There are no dumb questions when it comes to protecting your investment. Make sure to understand what is covered as well as what is NOT covered in your policy. A good rule of thumb is that “Exclusionary” policies are the most recommended policies to get. These come with information on exactly what is NOT covered and in turn ALL remaining items are covered.

You are welcome to transfer your policy to the new owner if they’re wanting that to be part of the sale. If you are trading in your RV to a dealership or maybe RV’ing just isn’t for you, canceling your policy is also an option as well. There will be a prorated refund issued once it is complete.

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