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About Us

We started off initially in the RV rental business over a decade ago. Throughout the process of owning a fleet of motorhomes that were constantly being used, we found that RV warranties were an essential asset to our business.

We soon discovered just how cost-prohibitive RV extended warranty policies can be to the everyday consumer. We began our research into why this has been the norm for most. Our research provided information on just how large the amount of dealer markup typically is on many of these RV contracts.

We decided that there had to be a better way for people to obtain RV extended warranty contracts and was born.

We are a licensed and bonded brick and mortar dealership that specializes in bringing top notch RV services to our clients.

We strive to be the low cost leader of extended service contracts, roadside assistance, and almost anything RV related. We keep our inventory small along with our overhead and that allows us to pass on significant savings to our valued customers time and time again.

We look forward to assuring you with all of your RV needs.

Please reach out to us with any of your RV-related questions. Take a look at our RV warranty reviews and give us a call. Whether you purchase a policy through us or not, we are always available to share our knowledge and expertise in the amazingly rewarding experience that is RV’ing.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer top notch, dependable and easy to use RV warranties at prices that are too good to pass up.

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