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What does an RV Extended Warranty Cost?

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Cost of an RV Warranty

When you purchase an RV, you may not realize how costly it would be to fix the vehicle should an accident occur. In fact, RV roof and AC repair can cost upwards of $3,500, and engine repair can cost over $10,000 to fix! That’s why many families who buy RVs opt to purchase a warranty.

What’s Included In the RV Warranty Cost?

Before you purchase an RV warranty for your recreational vehicle, it’s important to understand what is included.

There is a range of warranties you can choose from at No Repair Cost. Exclusionary coverage covers all of the original manufacturer parts, and we recommend purchasing this particular warranty because of its vast coverage. On the other hand, comprehensive coverage covers most but not all parts; you’re provided a list of what is not covered when you look into this type of warranty.


Every RV warranty cost covers all repair and labor costs. However, you must pay a deductible every time you take your RV to a repair center. This does not mean that you must pay a deductible for every part that needs repair; therefore, if you have several broken down parts, you can get them all fixed at once and only pay the one deductible cost. This saves you money and time!

Keep in mind that you can take your RV to any repair center in the United States or Canada when you purchase one of our warranties. So, if your RV breaks down when you’re on a trip with your family, you can entrust your recreational vehicle’s repairs to an expert near you. Your RV extended warranty cost and its deductible will remain the same.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is something every RV owner must keep up with on an ongoing basis. It is a requirement of your service contract when you purchase a warranty from No Repair Cost. However, routine maintenance is not included with our warranty packages. If you’d like to put this task in the hands of a professional, you can purchase our optional maintenance service contract to ensure your RV is consistently in its best shape. It’ll make selling your recreational vehicle easier down the road.


If you’re worried about affording the RV extended warranty cost but know it’s the best move for your family, contact No Repair Cost to speak with a sales representative. We will discuss our financing options so that you can obtain the RV warranty you need!

No Repair Cost Is Here to Help

If you’re interested in purchasing an RV warranty for your recreational vehicle, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the RV warranty cost. When you contact No Repair Cost, our team members are more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We will work with you step-by-step to ensure you obtain the best RV warranty for your vehicle and lifestyle. Text or call No Repair Cost at (310) 361-1383 today to learn more!

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Towing & Trip Interruption

In a covered breakdown we will pay for towing benefits, along with trip interruption benefits, for up to 3 days.

Fuel, Oil, Fluid/Water & Battery Assistance

An emergency supply of fuel, oil, and water will be delivered if your auto is in immediate need. If battery failure occurs, a jump start in on the way.

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