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The RV Facts You Need to Know

The RV Facts You Need to Know

September 24, 2021

Among the population over 55 years old, nearly one household in ten owns an RV. Surprisingly, however, 11 households out of every 100 headed by someone 35 to 54 also own RVs. With so many families traveling the open road, you need extended RV warranties that protect against losing your home on wheels to a breakdown. It makes sense that you would want to compare coverage between various RV warranties as well since costs can add up during the repair process. Here are 3 facts you should know about RV warranty coverage.

Chassis Coverage

The chassis includes the rolling parts of your RV: transmission, axles, and wheels, along with the outside shell. In addition, nearly every warranty covers the engine on drivable RVs for a specified length of time or number of miles on the road. So whether you make short, frequent trips or take long, sporadic vacations, you may reach your mileage cutoff before the number of years you expected your RV warranty to last, leaving you in the lurch when something goes wrong.

Coach Coverage

The coach, or interior of your RV, includes the drain lines, walls, floor coverings, plumbing fixtures, and major kitchen appliances. It also encompasses Wi-Fi capability, TVs and other electronics, backing cameras, power systems, and hydraulics for your slide-outs and leveling system. Beyond those items, upholstery that does not hold up to normal wear and tear, drawers that pull apart, or closet doors that refuse to stay shut can all affect your enjoyment of your home on wheels. Fortunately, the higher-tier extended RV warranties and service plans cover these killjoys.

Roadside Service

Nothing ruins a road trip like running out of gas or discovering a dead battery. For example, a Class A motor home sometimes ekes as few as four when climbing mountain passes with eight miles to the gallon gas mileage under the best road conditions. On the other hand, lighter, smaller Class C motor homes might manage ten to thirteen miles per gallon under optimal conditions, while Class B RVs might manage 15 to 18 miles per gallon. Remember, none of the optimal MPG situations occur on steep hills or gravel, or dirt roads. That explains why roadside emergency gasoline service could rescue your road trip. Similarly, after running all your lights and electronics all weekend, a dead battery makes concierge battery service a must-have.

Making sure that your RV warranty is the right one for your RV needs is important. You should also be prepared for problems that are caused by your RV’s need for repairs such as issues like long wait times and high costs for replacement parts and labor, the inconvenience of breakdowns too far from your hometown repair shop, and the cost of a hotel and meals while awaiting repair. If you’re interested in how No Repair Cost can help you get the best RV warranty for your vehicle, contact us today.

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