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The Ultimate Guide to RV Extended Warranties

August 1, 2021

Owning an RV is a thrilling experience. The ability to personalize your space and make it seem exactly like home may make traveling much more enjoyable. Like owning a house, it is critical to have your bases covered with a guarantee if your RV requires repairs. In some circumstances, the manufacturer’s guarantee is insufficient to cover the entire interior and exterior. Furthermore, while used RVs do not often come with warranties, you may still want to get your RV insured. Sometimes your warranty is about to expire, and you want to compare options before opting which to use.

RVers may consider acquiring an extended warranty in any of these situations. Before driving to your next destination, assess whether your RV may require an extended warranty before something breaks. Even so, once your RV is in need of repair, it is just too late to acquire a warranty and have the repair(s) covered.

Why do you need an extended warranty for your RV?

An extended warranty is available as an add-on purchase. It is not necessary, but it can be quite beneficial. We can actually save a lot of money in expensive repairs, preventing us from getting to pay out of pocket abruptly and quickly. RV repairs, whether for the home or the chassis, are often insanely expensive. Due to the specialized nature of RVs, any repairs required for the coach component of your RV, like refrigerator, AC, etc., may be more expensive than standard repairs. Many ordinary electricians, for example, would not evaluate or repair any RV faults since they are not certified to do so. In most circumstances, an extended warranty will cover the repair costs and the cost of the broken item.

What are the requirements for your RV to check If it is eligible or not?

Regrettably, not every RV is eligible for an extended warranty. Every warranty provider on the market has an age or mileage limitation on what they will cover. Typically, these limits will differ from one business to the next and depending on the type of RV. So careful to perform extensive research to see if your RV qualifies.

What is Included in your RV extended warranty?

Once you’ve determined that your RV is eligible for an extended warranty, it’s time to check around to see what different plans that company cover and don’t cover. Many RV extended warranty businesses offer a choice of plans at various pricing points to meet the demands of each individual RVer. Axles, engines, and transmission components normally cover a drivable RV at the most basic level. Some businesses even provide comprehensive coverage packages that cover practically every component of your RV, inside and out. Towable RV coverage varies but normally includes the majority of the trailer’s components. Make sure to look at a range of firms and policies to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Exclusive vs. Inclusive RV Warranties

Some RV extended warranties are either exclusive or inclusive. Because of the exclusionary stance, the names can be a little perplexing. Typically, these plans cover everything except a small list of restrictions. Carpet, corrosion, cabinetry, paint, and pre-existing issues are all examples of items on this shortlist. An inclusionary policy covers only the goods stated and nothing else. As a result, an exclusionary strategy is more extensive but much more expensive.

Top RV Extended Warranty Provider

Some dealerships will include a warranty or extended warranty when buying an RV as part of the loan. It can be convenient, but they frequently do not have extra options—only one regular plan. The other issue with including the cost of a warranty into the loan is by the time you pay the loan off you’ve paid for the warranty almost two times. RVers may also be required to pay tax on the warranty as part of the loan. We cannot review every dealer’s warranty package, but a great option for finding an RV warranty at discounted pricing is They are a conventional dealership unlike most online warranty providers and work with most of the top warranty underwriters. The benefit to is the ability to have access to the same policies a conventional dealership would have at a fraction of the cost.

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