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Our 5 Favorite RV Sewer Hose Systems for Hassle-Free Tank Dumping in 2024

Our 5 Favorite RV Sewer Hose Systems for Hassle-Free Tank Dumping in 2024

April 15, 2024

For hassle-free tank dumping in 2024, you’ll want a high-quality RV sewer hose system. The Camco Sidewinder and Rhino series offer easy-to-use, durable solutions with features like collapsible designs for easy storage and maintenance, and crush-resistant materials for longevity. RVGUARD’s 20 FT support adds convenience with its adjustable accordion style, while Camco RhinoFLEX guarantees a tight seal with its 4-in-1 adapter. Considering terrain adaptability, ease of storage, and connector compatibility is key. These options have got you covered for a stress-free experience. Exploring these systems further will equip you with all the details to make an informed decision.

Camco Sidewinder 15-Ft RV Sewer Hose Support (43043)

For RV enthusiasts looking for a stress-free way to manage waste disposal, the Camco Sidewinder 15-Ft RV Sewer Hose Support offers unmatched stability and convenience. It guarantees efficient waste disposal with its superior drainage technology, fitting a 15-foot RV sewer hose with a 3-inch diameter securely. You won’t face slipping or closing issues thanks to its secure design.

Its flexible telescoping design allows for easy setup and compressed storage, making it incredibly convenient. Made of rust-resistant plastic, it promises long-lasting performance. The deep cradles keep the hose in place, ensuring stability over uneven terrain and around obstacles.

It’s ready to use right out of the box, elevating your RV experience immediately. With no assembly required and a carrying strap included, it’s as convenient as it gets.

Best For: RV owners seeking a reliable and easy-to-use solution for waste disposal with efficient drainage and stability over uneven terrains.


  • Collapsible design for easy storage and transport
  • Durable plastic construction ensures long-lasting use
  • Provides stability and prevents hose slipping or closing


  • No significant drawbacks noted by customers

Camco Rhino RV Sewer Hose Support Kit (Supports Up to 20-Feet)

If you’re looking for a dependable way to guarantee smooth waste disposal during your camping trips, the Camco Rhino RV Sewer Hose Support Kit, supporting up to 20 feet of hose, is your go-to solution. It elevates your sewer hose, ensuring waste moves downhill effortlessly.

The kit features six independent troughs that adjust in height and can navigate around obstacles, offering flexibility wherever you set up. It’s designed to work on various surfaces, including concrete, and comes with six 30-inch sections and four stakes for stability.

The nesting design simplifies storage, making it a favorite among campers. Users praise its stability, ease of setup, and effectiveness across terrains, highlighting its durability and portability as key advantages.

Best For: Campers and RV enthusiasts looking for a reliable sewer hose support system that offers ease of setup and versatility.


  • Provides stable support for up to 20 feet of sewer hose, ensuring efficient waste disposal.
  • Adjustable height and flexible design allow for easy navigation around obstacles.
  • Compact nesting design for convenient storage and portability.


  • Some users report difficulties with manual setup.

Camco RhinoEXTREME 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit (21012)

Boasting a durable, pre-assembled design, the Camco RhinoEXTREME 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit is your go-to choice for reliable, hassle-free tank dumping during your camping adventures. Made in the USA with premium materials, this kit features a patented design that guarantees sturdiness and longevity.

You’ll get everything you need, including two 10-foot hoses, a 4-in-1 adapter, and storage caps, making setup and breakdown a breeze. The hose’s ability to compress for convenient storage is a real space saver, although it mightn’t fit in some RV bumpers.

Despite its higher price point, users rave about its crush and abrasion-resistant qualities, which provide excellent protection against leaks and pinholes. It’s clear from customer feedback that this hose is considered an essential accessory for its toughness, durability, and easy usage.

Best For: Campers and RV owners looking for a durable, easy-to-use sewer hose kit that offers high-quality waste disposal solutions.


  • Made with premium materials in the USA, ensuring durability and quality.
  • Includes a complete kit with two 10-foot hoses, a 4-in-1 adapter, and storage caps for convenience.
  • Crush and abrasion-resistant, offering excellent protection against leaks and pinholes.


  • Higher price point compared to some other options in the market.

RVGUARD 20 FT RV Sewer Hose Support with Accessories

Designed to streamline your RV waste disposal process, the RVGUARD 20 FT RV Sewer Hose Support with Accessories is an ideal choice for travelers seeking efficiency and durability. This adjustable accordion-style support guarantees fast and thorough dumping by improving drainage.

It’s not just flexible and adjustable; it’s also incredibly sturdy and durable, made to withstand the rigors of the road. Setting it up is a breeze, and when you’re done, it packs away just as easily. Plus, it comes with working gloves, elastic anchor bands, and a carry strap, making your job even easier.

Weighing under 4 pounds and stretching up to 20 feet, this hose support from RVGUARD has garnered high praise for its ease of use and adaptability, standing out with a 4.5-star rating from customers.

Best For: RV owners looking for a reliable and easy-to-manage solution for waste disposal during their travels.


  • Adjustable accordion style ensures fast and thorough dumping
  • Sturdy and durable construction withstands the rigors of the road
  • Includes convenient accessories like working gloves, elastic anchor bands, and a carry strap for ease of use


  • Some users have reported issues with sturdiness and material quality

Camco RhinoFLEX 15 RV Sewer Hose Kit

For RV enthusiasts looking for a reliable and easy-to-use solution, the Camco RhinoFLEX 15 RV Sewer Hose Kit stands out with its durable construction and convenient features. Made in the USA, this kit includes a 15ft hose, a clear elbow, and storage caps, ensuring a high-quality tank dumping experience.

It boasts a 4-in-1 adapter, fitting various dump station pipes, and a compact design that compresses to 56 inches with fittings for easy storage. Customers rave about its durability, flexibility, and leak-free connections, rating it highly with 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 33,000 reviews.

The kit’s collapsible design, quality fittings, and clear elbow for monitoring tank emptying make it a top choice for hassle-free RV maintenance.

Best For: RV enthusiasts seeking a durable, easy-to-use sewer hose kit with versatile fittings and compact storage.


  • Made in the USA with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and performance.
  • Features a 4-in-1 adapter for compatibility with various dump station pipes, enhancing versatility.
  • The collapsible design allows for easy storage, compressing to 56 inches with fittings, making it convenient for RV users.


  • Some users have reported issues with the hose fitting snugly in a 4′ bumper, which may limit storage options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing RV Sewer Hose Systems

Selecting the right RV sewer hose system can make or break your camping experience. You’ll want to take into account factors like durability, hose length, and how easily it stores to guarantee a hassle-free trip.

Let’s explore what makes a sewer hose system a good fit for your RVing needs.

Durability and Materials

When selecting an RV sewer hose system, the durability and materials used are key factors that’ll directly impact its longevity and reliability.

RV sewer hoses crafted from robust materials like thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or sturdy plastic aren’t just about lasting performance. High-quality materials guarantee your hose resists abrasion, leaks, and pinholes, greatly enhancing its lifespan.

Durability is crucial for withstanding the elements and rough handling during setup and storage. Opting for materials like polyolefin and rust-resistant plastics boosts the overall durability and reliability of your sewer hose system.

Additionally, a sewer hose with reinforced construction will prevent kinks, cracks, and damage, ensuring it functions smoothly over time, saving you from frequent replacements and repairs.

Hose Length Options

Choosing the right length for your RV sewer hose is an important decision that hinges on several factors, including your RV’s layout and how often you hit the road. RV sewer hoses typically range from 10 to 20 feet, allowing you to accommodate different setups and distances to dump stations.

If you frequent various campgrounds, consider that longer hoses offer more flexibility in reaching dump points, yet shorter ones are simpler to handle, especially in tight storage spaces. It’s crucial to measure the distance from your RV’s waste outlet to the dump station, ensuring the hose you select can cover it without being overstretched or having too much slack.

Additionally, check any length restrictions at RV parks or campgrounds to avoid surprises.

Ease of Storage

Take into account the ease of storage as an important factor in selecting the right RV sewer hose system for your needs. You’ll want a system that’s collapsible and compact, making it a breeze to tuck away in limited spaces.

Look for designs that compress or nest, ensuring they don’t take up unnecessary room. It’s also wise to opt for systems that snugly fit into standard RV bumpers or storage compartments, keeping them secure and out of sight.

Additionally, check if the hose support or cradle can be disassembled or folded, further saving space. Don’t forget to take into account carrying straps or bags, which make transporting and storing your sewer hose system even more convenient when you’re on the move.

Setup and Usability

Before diving into your next adventure, it’s important to make sure your RV sewer hose system is user-friendly, from setup to storage. Consider if the hose requires assembly or if it’s ready-to-use right out of the box.

Look for designs that offer adjustable lengths, like telescopic or accordion-style, ensuring flexibility during use. User-friendly features such as no-slip cradles, deep grooves, or straps are essential to keep the hose securely in place.

Additionally, think about how easy it’s to store and transport the system. Options that are collapsible or nest together save space and simplify life on the road.

Lastly, make sure the hose system fits your RV’s sewer outlet size, setting you up for hassle-free tank dumping.

Terrain Adaptability

When choosing an RV sewer hose system, it’s important to make sure its supports are adaptable to the varying terrains you’ll encounter on your travels. Look for models with adjustable and flexible designs that can handle everything from flat RV park pads to the rugged grounds of remote campsites.

The ability to stack or adjust the height of the support system is essential for effective waste disposal across different types of terrain. Additionally, systems featuring deep cradles or troughs ensure your hose won’t slip or close, maintaining continuous drainage no matter the environment.

Selecting a sewer hose support with these terrain adaptability features enhances stability and prevents backups or leaks, even in the most challenging settings.

Connector Compatibility

Ensuring your RV sewer hose system’s connector matches your RV’s waste outlet is vital to prevent leaks and secure a tight connection. Look for hoses with universal fittings or adapters, making them versatile enough to fit various dump station pipes.

It’s important to check the diameter and threading of the connector to guarantee a proper and tight seal, which ensures efficient waste disposal. The material and construction of the connector should withstand pressure, abrasion, and chemical exposure common in RV waste systems.

Additionally, compatibility with extra accessories like hose supports or extensions can greatly enhance the overall efficiency and functionality of your sewer hose system. Always prioritize these factors to guarantee a hassle-free tank dumping experience.

Maintenance Requirements

After considering connector compatibility, it’s also important to focus on the maintenance requirements of RV sewer hose systems to keep them functioning smoothly. Regularly inspect your sewer hose for any signs of cracks, leaks, or wear to avoid messy situations.

Always clean the hose after each use, ensuring no residue or debris remains that could lead to clogs or unpleasant odors. Store it properly in a dedicated compartment or area to maintain its integrity and prevent damage.

Be mindful not to drag the hose over rough surfaces or sharp edges, as this can cause tears or punctures. Lastly, consider using protective gloves when handling the sewer hose to maintain hygiene and protect yourself from potentially harmful waste materials.


After diving into the top RV sewer hose systems for 2024, you’ve seen the best picks from Camco’s Sidewinder, Rhino, RhinoEXTREME, and RhinoFLEX kits, to RVGUARD’s all-inclusive support system.

When selecting, keep in mind hose length, durability, and ease of use to guarantee trouble-free tank dumping. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, there’s a perfect fit for your needs.

So, go ahead, make your choice, and enjoy smooth sailing on your next adventure.

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