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top rv winterizing tips

Top Winterizing Tips RV Owners Need

December 10, 2021

Preparing your RV for winter can be an important process because your average RV repair cost can spiral up towards $300/hour. Thankfully, you can work with your RV warranty company and a dealer to get the kinds of repairs and upgrades that you need. Many of these tips are things that you can do yourself, meaning it should be possible to get great results quickly and efficiently.

Take Care of Freezing Risks

Drain the water out of your RV and dry out the water lines, including taking care of the water holding tank and all wastewater tanks. Add antifreeze to your unit, including the plumbing, and minimize your water heater problems by bypassing it. Open and drain all faucets as well, as extra water in these lines may linger and expand and break your lines.

Clean Out the RV

Before working with your RV warranty company, take everything out of your vehicle, including food from the cupboards and fridge. Cover all the exhaust pipes, roof vents, and other vents in the RV. Then, move on to your doors and windows to keep them protected from pest invasions and other concerns.

Provide General Upkeep

Top off your propane tank and shut off the supply to avoid danger. Charge up the battery, disconnect all cables, and turn off the main breaker panel. Remove or unplug electrical appliances, fill the tires with “winter” air, fill up the fuel tank, fill the radiator, and check all other fluid levels.

Cover Your RV

Lastly, it is important to cover your RV, even if you’re storing it in a garage. Doing so minimizes the risk of pests invading and may also keep it warmer. Take an appropriate plastic tarp and drape it over the length of your RV. Tie it down properly to keep it in place and adjust it, as needed, to avoid it popping off unexpectedly. Don’t neglect temperature and climate control options to keep your RV protected.

As you can see, these simple winterization tips can help keep your RV strong and protected from serious damages. Talk to your RV warranty company about other steps that you can take, including storing your RV in a climate-controlled center. Doing so is often a wise investment because it takes this situation out of your hands and makes it easier to work directly with professionals instead. Contact No Repair Cost today to learn more.

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