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What Are The Best Upgrades To Make To Your Used RV?

January 13, 2023

The freedom of the open road… nothing quite compares to it. As you prepare for your next journey, what better way to do so than in an RV? From mountain ranges and sandy beaches, the possibilities are endless. Upgrading a used RV can bring a new level of comfort and convenience that will make your adventure even more enjoyable. Picture yourself driving down the highway with all the bells and whistles equipped on your ride – and without breaking the bank!

RVing is becoming increasingly popular among adventurers looking for alternative ways to explore. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to upgrading a used RV, certain modifications could be just what you need to get started on your dream trip. From installing solar panels to replacing furniture, these upgrades can help turn any old RV into a home away from home.

Whether this is your first time considering buying a used RV or you’re already familiar with its quirks and perks, understanding which upgrades are best for you will ensure that every mile traveled is well worth it. In this article, we’ll cover some of the top upgrade ideas that come highly recommended by seasoned travelers alike. So if you’re ready to hit the road in style (without emptying out your wallet), let’s dive right in!

Check The Tire Quality

The sun sets, casting a golden hue over the horizon. You stand in awe of the majestic landscape while admiring your used RV – it’s been with you through many adventures and now, it’s time to make some upgrades.

Tire quality is one of the most important things to consider when upgrading an RV; after all, they’re what help keep you safe on the road and get you from point A to B. Inspecting tire treads for wear and tear should be done regularly and any tires that are below their guidelines should be replaced immediately so as not to cause accidents or breakdowns. Additionally, checking the inflation pressure of each tire can also help maintain proper handling characteristics and reduce stress on other components like brakes and suspension systems.

It’s also important to check for any signs of cracking in the sidewall which could indicate age-related deterioration or damage due to underinflation or excessive speed. If cracks are present, purchasing new tires is highly recommended since even minor imperfections can lead to blowouts or flats during long drives at high speeds. Taking care of these issues early will ensure a smooth ride without costly repairs down the line.

With proper maintenance, those old tires can provide years of reliable service — setting off onto the open roads with peace of mind! Now let’s take a look at updating the electrical system…

Update The Electrical System

Updating the electrical system of a used RV is one of the best upgrades you can make. According to research from Consumer Reports, more than 50% of all motorhome breakdowns are due to faulty wiring or other electrical problems. This means it’s important for an RV owner to stay on top of their vehicle’s power grid and ensure that everything is in working order before hitting the open road.

When upgrading your RV’s electrical system, there are several essential elements to consider such as rewiring outdated circuits with modern wiring, adding additional outlets and updating any light fixtures that may be out of date. It’s also important to look into replacing the battery and generator if they’re not up-to-date models. Additionally, you’ll want to inspect all wires and fuses for signs of fraying or wear which could cause shorts or other issues down the line.

By making these updates, you can rest assured that your RV’s power supply will remain reliable no matter where your travels take you – without having to worry about potential safety risks associated with faulty wiring or malfunctioning equipment. Taking care of this upgrade now will save time and money in the long run; giving you peace of mind while enjoying your new adventure! Ready for the next step? Installing an exterior awning allows you to maximize outdoor living space…

Install An Exterior Awning

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, over 8 million American households own an RV. Installing an exterior awning is one of the best upgrades you can make to your used RV. Not only does it add convenience and comfort while traveling, but also increases resale value should you decide to sell in the future.

An awning provides shelter from sun or rain when outside of your vehicle. It’s especially useful for outdoor activities such as picnics or barbecues with friends and family. Plus, if you plan on staying put for a while, having an awning adds more living space by providing shade during hot summer days and protection from windy conditions.

Installing an exterior awning requires some level of technical knowledge and experience so it’s important that you consult with professionals before making any decisions about how to upgrade your RV. A wide range of materials are available depending upon budget, desired look, and climate needs including fabric, metal mesh screens and retractable vinyl roll-up covers. Whatever option you choose will help create an enjoyable environment while adding protection against adverse weather conditions. Transitioning into the next step of upgrading the interior seating… …will help create an inviting atmosphere that customers will love.

Upgrade The Interior Seating

Upgrading the interior seating of a used RV is like giving an old friend a makeover – it brings new life and personality to their existence. It can be done in three simple steps:

  1. Choose comfortable, stylish furniture that will fit the space.
  2. Replace any worn or damaged materials with modern fabrics and finishes.
  3. Install proper lighting fixtures that create ambiance in the room.

These upgrades are important if you’re looking to give your vehicle a much-needed facelift. Not only do they add to its aesthetic appeal but also provide a more inviting atmosphere for travelers. Furthermore, replacing outdated furniture with newer ones can help improve comfort levels while on the road. You’ll have plenty of options available when selecting pieces as most manufacturers offer custom solutions tailored to specific vehicles.

In addition, don’t forget about accessories such as pillows, blankets, and throws which can add some cozy vibes inside your home-on-wheels. These items come in various sizes, colors, textures and patterns so you can easily find something that suits your style preferences without breaking the bank. So whether you prefer traditional decor or something more contemporary, there’s sure to be something out there for you!

The next step? Upgrading those kitchen appliances! From microwaves to refrigerators and stoves, ensuring all these essentials work properly should be at the top of your list if you’re wanting a fully functioning RV experience.

Upgrade The Kitchen Appliances

You may think that upgrading kitchen appliances would be an expensive endeavor, but nothing could be further from the truth! Sure, there are some pricey options out there, such as high-end microwaves and refrigerators, but even small changes can go a long way in improving your cooking experience on the road. Basic upgrades like replacing outdated cooktops or swapping out cabinets for more efficient designs will provide much needed convenience while adding minimal costs.

Of course, don’t forget about safety when making these upgrades. It’s important to ensure all new components meet RV codes before installing them into your rig. This means selecting products designed specifically for RVs rather than simply repurposing something found at home. And don’t forget to check compatibility between different pieces; many times two seemingly compatible parts won’t work together due to design differences or lack of necessary adapters or connectors.

Making minor upgrades to your kitchen appliances doesn’t require breaking the bank or giving up comfort – it simply requires being smart about what needs improvement and taking steps toward achieving those goals safely and efficiently. Now that we’ve discussed how easy it is to upgrade your used RV’s kitchen appliances, let’s talk about another great DIY project: adding an outdoor shower…

Add An Outdoor Shower

Ah, the great outdoors! What could be better than taking a road trip in an RV and exploring all that nature has to offer? There is one thing though – you don’t want your camping experience to be complete without some creature comforts. One of the best upgrades you can make to your used RV is adding an outdoor shower. It may sound like a luxury, but it’s actually quite practical too!

For starters, having access to a hot shower while on the go will keep you feeling refreshed and ready for adventure. And if you’re not into cold showers, then this upgrade certainly comes in handy. Plus, with an outdoor shower installed, there’s no need to worry about tracking dirt indoors or dealing with clogged drains caused by sand or mud from hiking trails.

Not only does an outdoor shower add convenience and comfort when traveling, but it also increases the value of your RV. Potential buyers are always looking for features such as these when buying pre-owned RVs and often consider them valuable additions. So adding an outdoor shower can potentially fetch more money if you decide to sell down the line.

Upgrading your used RV with an outdoor shower provides many benefits; now let’s move on to updating its plumbing system…

Update The Plumbing System

The plumbing system of a used RV is often in need of some serious updates. If you’re planning to hit the road for extended periods, it’s something that should be taken care of right away. It can involve anything from new pipes and fixtures to upgrading water tanks and pumps.

Replacing any old, worn-out parts will help improve your RV’s performance and prevent costly repairs down the line. Additionally, modernizing plumbing systems may also save you money on energy bills by allowing for more efficient use of water and electricity.

Upgrading an RV’s plumbing system might seem like a daunting task, but with proper research and professional advice it doesn’t have to be too difficult or expensive. You don’t necessarily have to replace everything at once; start small with simple projects such as replacing shower heads or installing low-flow toilets, then gradually move up to larger upgrades if desired. With these changes in place, you’ll be ready for worry-free travels!

Making improvements to the plumbing system is just one way to upgrade your used RV – next, up we look into how adding solar power could benefit your journey.

Install A Solar Power System

Adding a solar power system to your used RV is like adding a golden ticket to the chocolate factory – it’s an invaluable upgrade that can open up many possibilities and provide you with greater freedom.

If you’re someone who loves taking their home-on-wheels out on lengthy trips, then investing in a solar power system could be one of the shrewdest decisions you make. This great addition will give you all the energy needed for running appliances, charging electronic devices, and powering lights without needing extra gasoline or diesel fuel. It also helps reduce carbon emissions since no fossil fuels are being burnt for electricity production. Additionally, installing this type of system is relatively straightforward and – if done correctly – doesn’t require too much maintenance either!

Now that we’ve explored why adding a solar power system to your RV is such an advantageous decision, let’s take a look at what else you can do to improve your vehicle further: invest in a generator.

Invest In A Generator

Investing in a generator is the next important upgrade to consider for your used RV. A generator provides plenty of power, from charging electronics and running appliances to powering interior lights. Here’s why this upgrade is worth considering:

  1. Generators are reliable – They don’t require the sun or any other external source of energy, making them an ideal choice for those who travel often and may not always have access to power sources.
  2. Portable generators provide convenience – These generators can be easily moved around, giving you more flexibility when it comes to powering different areas of your RV.
  3. Generators are affordable – With prices ranging from $200-$2000 depending on the brand and model, they’re much more cost effective than installing solar panels or relying on expensive campground hookups.

Generator upgrades make sense if you want reliable access to electricity wherever you go — whether that’s camping in remote locations or just staying at home. Plus, with easy installation options available, it won’t take long to get up and running! Now that we’ve discussed upgrading your RV electrical system with a generator, let’s look into how you can upgrade its interior lighting…

Upgrade The Interior Lighting

To finish up your RV renovation, lighting is the icing on the cake. It can change the atmosphere of a room and make you feel like you’re in an entirely different space. Upgrading your interior lights is a great way to get more use out of your RV; it’ll give it that extra sparkle and make sure you don’t miss a beat when things start heating up.

Lighting can be tricky though; there are lots of options but not all are created equal! LED light bulbs are some of the best choices as they last longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs while using less power. They also offer better control over dimming and color temperature which makes them ideal for creating moods inside your RV.

Swapping out fixtures is another option if you want to spruce up the look without having to completely redo wiring or existing electrical systems. Look for vintage-inspired pieces with interesting details like exposed filaments, colored glass shades, or unusual shapes – these will add character to any room in no time flat! Just keep safety in mind; always hire a professional electrician if you’re unsure about anything relating to electricity in your vehicle.

So consider brightening up those dark corners with new lighting – it could be just what your RV needs to take its renovation from ordinary to extraordinary!


The best upgrades to make to your used RV can truly transform it into a luxurious home away from home. By investing in an exterior awning, upgrading the interior seating and lighting, and installing a solar power system, you have created a space that is both beautiful and functional. On top of this, improved kitchen appliances, plumbing updates, and generators will provide convenience that cannot be matched by other recreational vehicles.

The juxtaposition between the old RV with its outdated features and the new one with modern amenities creates an emotional response for all who experience it first-hand. The transformation from dull to dazzling is awe-inspiring as every upgrade brings greater comfort and enjoyment on each journey. Whether taking road trips or settling down in campgrounds for extended stays, these improvements ensure that no matter where you go, you’ll always feel at home.

Making necessary repairs to your used RV is essential for safety reasons but sprucing up its style takes it to another level entirely. In doing so, you have taken something ordinary and made it extraordinary – providing yourself with an unforgettable visual reminder of how far you have come while still having plenty of adventures ahead!

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