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What You Can Do To Expedite The RV Warranty Process

September 7, 2021

Americans love their RV’s, no doubt about that! RVIA’s research indicates that over 30 million people either own or rent an RV. RVs are a complex combination of a vehicle with a living space. That means that just like any other home and car, they will need repairs from time to time. Learn more about speeding up the RV warranty process below.

Standard Warranties

All RV manufacturers provide a standard warranty to promise the consumers that their vehicles are well-made and reliable. The manufacturer undertakes to pay for a replacement or repair to a part under warranty if it breaks before the warranty expires. Unfortunately, the repairs may still take anything from 1 day to 6 months! If you live in your RV full time, the necessary repairs must be made as quickly as possible; otherwise, you may find yourself without a place to live if your RV has to go for repairs that take a couple of months.

Extended Warranties

One way to expedite the warranty process is to purchase the extended warranty on your RV from any of the RV extended warranty companies. The benefit is that it helps to speed up the repair process. With an extended warranty, you can choose from a wider variety of repair shops or even use a mobile RV technologist who will come to the site where your RV is parked. The RV extended warranty companies also help to guide you through the process to ensure that your documentation is correct and submitted to the manufacturers as soon as possible. Once the manufacturer approves your warranty claim, the mechanics can order the parts required and begin the work. If the manufacturer delays this process, the repairs will take much longer.

Some Patience is Necessary

Because there are certain moving parts behind the scenes at all RV extended warranty companies, there will be a degree of patience you need during the claims process. If you feel that something is taking too long, it’s a good idea contact your warranty company, but you should also take into account that some warranty procedures may have a set wait time. When you file your claim, it’s a good idea to ask how long it usually takes so that you know what is a normal amount of time to wait.

Once your claim is approved, the repair shop will be able to order the parts needed and start work. When the repair shop you chose has a good working relationship with the RV manufacturer, there is a good chance that the repair process will go smoothly and take less time than if it is the first time the repair shop is working with the manufacturer of your RV.

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